Digital Signage for Stadiums

Running a large sports venue is an exceptionally challenging task, made all the more difficult in recent years with some key technological trends.

The vast majority of people walking through the turnstiles have a smartphone in their pocket and at least one HD or 4K television at home. They walk in expecting the experience they have on their couch to be translated to the stadium, and want to use their mobile phone to interact with the stadium and team.

But venues aren’t just for the teams that bear their names, they are multi-purpose environments that can go from hosting a game on a Saturday to a concert on a Tuesday, a film shoot on a Thursday and a religious event on a Sunday.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that technology can enhance the fan experience in Stadia:

Modernize your Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are now an industry standard, but many were installed a few years ago and technology has evolved considerably in the past few years. Menu board content can be created in HTML5 and be completely dynamic, allowing for instant pricing/availability changes and totally different branding for the various events.

Never Miss a Second of the Game

Modern displays featuring System on Chip (SoC) technology give you the ability to bring in live TV through the HDMI port or through IPTV, so you can bring the game into your menu boards and ensure your fans never miss a second of the game.

Digital Concourses

Don’t tell the players and coaches, but fans often spend as much time walking around the concourse than they do watching the game itself. Strategically placed digital signage is a great way of engaging your fans to follow your team on Twitter or Facebook, buy that new hot jersey, visit the concession areas (or even return to their seat to watch the game!)

Repurpose Your Menu Boards

You can only sell food for a portion of the game, so it’s a good idea to use them for other purposes at different points in the game. For fans arriving early, present a calendar of upcoming events or pre-game food offers, and when you’re ready to switch to the menu boards, hit a button and convert them over. When you’re mandated to stop serving alcohol/food, hit another button to tell your fans “thanks for coming, drive safely.”

Dynamic Experiences

Menu boards and concourse screens don’t have to be siloed – they can now be combined to accept commands from the show control systems that you use to manage your LED boards. Menu boards can flash messages corresponding to what’s happening in the game, switch to an IPTV stream and back again, getting your fans excited and engaged with the action on the field while never taking them out of the concession line.

Social Media Engagement

Showing social media feeds from your team or visiting events can be a great way to engage fans and attendees by showcasing their content on your screens. But don’t worry! You can get rid of all those troublemakers’ messages through automated filtering and manual curation, so you’ll never see anything negative or offensive on your screens.

VIP and Hospitality Suite Screens

VIP and Hospitality Suites need to feel upscale and personal, so there’s no better way of engaging these high-end fans than by giving them control of their own personal digital signs. Through Bluetooth, NFC or just text, patrons can get a link that will allow them to control their screens, activating different IPTV streams through a game, checking on the social media feeds or ordering food.