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Sysview digital signage software implement in Steak House ,a steak chain restaurant

2017-02-28 09:35

The steak house,  a steak chain restaurant with more than 20 shops in Shenzhen City, implemented digital signage solution powered by Sysview software.  Various dishes can be displayed on signage terminal per different preset time, temperature  and shop location. What is more, the build-in QR code feature strengthen the relationship between the restaurant and customer, as the customer can join the customer club easily by scan the QR code via smart phone easily.

2021-01-19 02:19

Want to improve revenue of restaurant

2021-01-19 02:12

for the premises of KingBurguer

2021-01-19 01:58

Choose Bar Type LCD Display

2021-01-08 03:49

Sysview solution in irregular screen

2021-01-08 03:25

Sysview restaurant

2020-12-21 09:51

Sysview digital signage retail

2020-12-11 10:48

Sysview digital signage cosmetic shop

2020-12-11 10:45

Sysview in popular photo studio

2020-11-19 04:41

Sysview digital signage BBQ

2020-11-13 08:51

Sysview in medicare application