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can I audit the content designed by content manager

2017-10-18 04:16

Can I audit the content designed by content manager


1 When you have a group administrator account, there will be a release of the audit function, you use the group administrator account to create subordinate user account check. In the Administration page, click Add User.

2 when you create a good need to publish the audit function of the user, the user in the production of the program, sent to the terminal, and will not start in the corresponding terminal above the play, you will need a higher group administrator account of an audit, this The interface of the audit can see the program name, the start and end time of the program, the corresponding terminal name and the contents of the program. You can click the following audit or delete the program's request. In the Administration page, click Schedule Approval.

3 release audit the benefits of this feature is that you can safer to check the corresponding terminal when you play the program requirements of the security issues.