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6 approaches Restaurants owners Can make use of Digital Signage To Be More Awesome

2021-01-12 03:32

If there’s one thing that goes together like burger and fries, it’s restaurants and digital signage. Use our tips to create great digital menu boards and more.

In your quest for hunger, you’ve may come across many digital signage screens. Restaurants often look towards digital signage as a way to show information like tv menu boards, sell items and make the overall eat-out experience more engaging. Further, they’re using it to reduce the negative effects of the hangries (that’s where hungry people get angry). In a digital era, digital screens naturally attract customer attention and now there are simple digital signage tools like Sysview , it's possible to do so more than just digital menu boards solo. Here are six ways you can use digital signage in your restaurant to make your business(and clients) shine.

Share product offers digitally

Just before your clients are about to purchase is the perfect time to let your special offers roll off the tongue. Use your digital signage displays to remind them of any incentives or deals they can get on specific products or sell them the benefit of going "big" or so on with their order. Not only does this make them feel better about spending their money but it could give you a chance to upsell or promote new products that are in your restaurant.

Waiting time display boards

Here are two interesting facts: Humans are attracted by shiny things like screens. Nobody likes to wait in long queues when they’re hungry. Digital signage displays provide clients something more fun to look at than the head of the person in front of them. The more interesting, relevant and engaging your content, the more effectively this works. You can even use your screens to show waiting time, giving the customer back an element of control and reducing the waiting time .

Setup digital menu boards

Image the scene: a hungry customer has been queueing for hours, dreaming of those hot, gooey mozzarella sticks you do, you know the ones? They’re itching to get their hands on them, already savouring the taste of that first moist, cheesy bite. They get to the front of the queue and guess what? You’re sold out. Now imagine firstly, the disappointment and secondly the resulting pressure. How can the customer make a decision about what they want instead when there’s a queue of impatient customers waiting behind them? It doesn’t have to be this way! When you put content on your screens using Sysview , it can be updated in minutes, from any place. This means your menu boards can be up-to-the minute, helping customers and staff to save time and make informed decisions.

Share social media

If there’s one industry that’s all over social media, it’s the food industry. Use your digital signage and menu displays to bring out the foodie in your customers Display social media feeds such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and encourage social sharing. Even in this digitally-saturated era, customers still get a buzz from seeing their images glorified on the big screen. Ask them to give you instant feedback for the chance of a free burger or money-off coupon. Your customers will take more pictures of your food. The message will be amplified outside of the walls and to hungry people everywhere. Your job is done.

Offer personality

The beauty of many of our favorite independent restaurants is that they radiate personality. This adds another flavor to the aura of dining out and gives people a reason to return. Make use your restaurant signage screens to showcase this personality. Introduce your team members and their favorite menu recommendations. Show off the afternoon where you went on an archeological dig for charity. Tell them random facts about the farmers you buy your meat from. Personality is what brings life to your menus and products. Screens are the vehicles on which to showcase it. Check out this guide for some ways to surprise and delight in store customers.

Upsell items using restaurant digital signage

As customers come to the end of their meal, you’ll know from experience that the next step is to entice them into staying a little longer while they ponder over a cheesecake or coffee. Using visual images and menu boards of your desserts shown throughout the restaurant is a great way to get your customers set on what they’re going to finish with. Chances are, once they see your revolving digital display of cakes and delicacies they won’t be able to resist and will simply point in the direction of what they want and hope that you deliver it.

Out of date content !
Up to date digital menu boards and signs allow you be more relevant with your content. This means customizing the experience the client receives depending on time of day, day of week, time of year and so on. This means no more flipping your static boards over from breakfast to lunch. Using our schedule feature you can build and schedule your content based on settings such as time of day or day of week. This could also benefit staff, allowing them to refresh on menu choices before the start of a shift or offering notices and guidelines on the latest food regulation standards.
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